Let the Raffle Begin!

Published on 04/20/21

Help us protect your “American Way” and personal freedoms. Proceeds go to fund Republican candidates in the 2022 election.

Rifle with ammo

For further information, or to pick up a packet of tickets to sell, contact Evie Cahalen at 406-871-9222 or by email at cahalene@att.net

See our “Raffle” page

Delivering Ribbons to Winners

Published on 02/12/21

Congratulations to “Sugar Sweet Cupcakes” for Best of Show.

Best of Show

34th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza

Published on 12/03/20

Another Chocolate Extravaganza in the books…

Making Our Voices Heard for Judge Amy

Published on 10/26/20

With less than 24 hours we rounded up some great volunteers to show our support at Sen. Jon Tester’s office. We asked him to support the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

NBC Montana News

Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Next General Meeting – Oct. 19

Published on 10/16/20

Rep Matt Regier

Rep. Matt Regier will be presenting on the initiatives on the ballot, answering any questions we might have, and giving us an update on what the projects the Republican for Freedom PAC has accomplished during this election cycle.

Speed Campaigning

Published on 09/25/20

Speed Campaigning

So what is “Speed Campaign” you ask? At our last general meeting we invited our local Republican candidates to join us for lunch. The table were numbered and Barb Blum brought her “Liberty” bell and timer. Barb kept track of the time and each candidate visited with our members until the “Liberty” bell rang and they picked up their lunch and moved to the next table. After forty-five minutes, the candidates were able to make a full circle around the room and introducing themselves, telling about their campaign and answering questions.

Speed Campaigning with members

From the feedback I received, it was enjoyed by our members and the candidates thought is was productive.

A special “thank you” goes to Derek Oestreicher from Helena. We appreciate you making the trip and sharing with our members on how we can help with poll watching and thus help President Trump with a fair and honest election process.

Speed Camp8230

Donations to Candidates

Published on 07/26/20

Flathead County Republican Women Donations to Candidates

Candidates get donations

Our club treasurer, Barb Blum, had the privilege of handing out donation checks to the follow Republican Candidates: (from Left to Right)

HD 10 – Mark Noland
HD 3 – Braxton Mitchell
HD 5 – Catherine Owens
SD 7 – Bob Brown
SD 2 – Carl Glimm
HD 13 – Paul Fielder
SD 3 – Keith Regier
Not in the photo:
HD 4 – Matt Regier
HD 8 John Fuller
HD 11 Derek Skees
HD 6 Amy Regier

and a $500.00 matching donation to Republicans for Freedom PAC

June’s General Meeting

Published on 06/14/20

General Meeting – Monday, June 15 at Red Lion

Members voting on bylaw changes and candidate donations

We will be voting on $500 donations to candidates by a written ballot where you can vote “yea” or “oppose”. Candidates will not receive a donation if 2/3 of the voting members mark “oppose”.

Plus a $500 dollar donation to the Republicans For Freedom PAC — Members can donate to this PAC and the club will match that donation up to $500. $200 has already been donated.

Do you think conservatives are being treated fairly by mainstream media? Trump gets over 90% negative exposure in the media today. We need to be proactive in getting our small efficient government message out. In a day of social media and internet, now more than ever people get their news from alternative sources. That is why local conservative Republicans have organized a Political Action Committee (PAC) called Republicans for Freedom. Each election, primary as well as the general, we need to help candidates that stand for America as founded. Any size donation will make you a part of pressing back against the ever growing state government. Every dollar is used 100% for direct marketing of conservative candidates, no overhead expenditures or marketing firm taking 50%. Join the Republican Women this June 15th to hear more and be involved! See you there!

May’s General Meeting

Published on 05/17/20

Speakers for May
Menu – see meeting page

Our May general meeting will be Monday, May 18, 2020, at the RED LION HOTEL. Doors will open at 11:30 so come early and order off a menu that the hotel has prepared just for us. Everything on the menu is $10 and includes the gratuity. The meeting will start at 12:00 and end later than our normal 1:00 due to a longer presentation. You are welcome to leave sooner if you need to get back to work.

The speakers will be Ed Butcher and Lonny Bergstrom who will explain the thorough method of evaluation that Legistats produces to score the Conservative loyalty of those we elect.

This will not only be important for attendees to know now for elections, but also for tracking performance of our legislators next year when they are in session in Helena.

COVID – 19 Update

Published on 04/08/20


Dear Members and Guests,

Due to the meeting restrictions that are in place we will not be having our normal meeting on April 20, 2020. Instead, we will be looking for ways to help our local Republican candidates with the upcoming Primary election in June.

Please look for updates here on our website, posts on facebook and emails that will be sent out to our membership.

If you would like to be part of our efforts to get Republican elected, please join our organization and you will be added to our contact list.

We look forward to being together again.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Heidi Roedel
FCRW President