Speed Campaigning

Published on 09/25/20

Speed Campaigning

So what is “Speed Campaign” you ask? At our last general meeting we invited our local Republican candidates to join us for lunch. The table were numbered and Barb Blum brought her “Liberty” bell and timer. Barb kept track of the time and each candidate visited with our members until the “Liberty” bell rang and they picked up their lunch and moved to the next table. After forty-five minutes, the candidates were able to make a full circle around the room and introducing themselves, telling about their campaign and answering questions.

Speed Campaigning with members

From the feedback I received, it was enjoyed by our members and the candidates thought is was productive.

A special “thank you” goes to Derek Oestreicher from Helena. We appreciate you making the trip and sharing with our members on how we can help with poll watching and thus help President Trump with a fair and honest election process.

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