June’s General Meeting

Published on 06/14/20

General Meeting – Monday, June 15 at Red Lion

Members voting on bylaw changes and candidate donations

We will be voting on $500 donations to candidates by a written ballot where you can vote “yea” or “oppose”. Candidates will not receive a donation if 2/3 of the voting members mark “oppose”.

Plus a $500 dollar donation to the Republicans For Freedom PAC — Members can donate to this PAC and the club will match that donation up to $500. $200 has already been donated.

Do you think conservatives are being treated fairly by mainstream media? Trump gets over 90% negative exposure in the media today. We need to be proactive in getting our small efficient government message out. In a day of social media and internet, now more than ever people get their news from alternative sources. That is why local conservative Republicans have organized a Political Action Committee (PAC) called Republicans for Freedom. Each election, primary as well as the general, we need to help candidates that stand for America as founded. Any size donation will make you a part of pressing back against the ever growing state government. Every dollar is used 100% for direct marketing of conservative candidates, no overhead expenditures or marketing firm taking 50%. Join the Republican Women this June 15th to hear more and be involved! See you there!